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    I told myself that if I ever started trading and winning consistently, I'd help others increase their winning rates and returns. Well, this is that promise to myself . I'm writing because I'd love to share my trading systems with you... They may save you from the heartache and struggle I went through. Thankfully, these days I enjoy much better winning rates as well as profits. And if I can help you shortcut your learning curve and help you win more trades, then I will. Contact me via

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    Hello I have read your post about helping trading Binary Options .I have a question for you .I have been trading stocks and Forex on and off for years ,and now I am into the Binary. I have blow out three accounts ,I trade 60, 120 ,180,seconds .I would like to go long .but the Broker only gives me certain pairs to trade .I belong to Market Club ,they have many signals on stocks and currency pairs. which broker will take other pairs other than the four main ones or all of them .waiting your reply Bill


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      you can write me at [email][/email] your email dose not work thanks Bill


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        Trading is one of the best things i have come to love for the past 2years.i lost so much before i could get this strategy am using now from my mentor, Mitchell..Well for those who still want to know the secrets or want to learn how to make it really big or successful in trading, feel free to email my mentor at mitchellhempel@gmail or Skype her at; tradecalculator, she made me who I am today and she will be willing to show you some little secrets in trading on binary, please make sure you send me your success story......


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