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What is leverage? What is a margin?

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  • What is leverage? What is a margin?

    This topic aims to provide additional feedback relative to our article “What is leverage? What is a margin?”. Feel free to raise questions, submit suggestions or share new ideas with the community.

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    I prefer a low leverage, but sometimes I just can't afford it, especilly earlie, when I very often loss my money. So a high leverage is quite useful if you have a small deposit.


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      Sorry I wanted to ask a question here, say you open an account with $1000 and choose a leverage of say 1:200 but when you enter into a trade you make a loss of $2000. I understand that the broker will take the $1000 from my deposit but how will they get the remaining $1000?


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        If I am not mistaken Arephone, it will close way earlier then you would make such a lose. I found great article about leverage and margin here [url][/url] , so you might check it out, if it helps you.


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