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Further Talk on Money Management

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  • Further Talk on Money Management

    This topic aims to provide additional feedback relative to our article “Further Talk on Money Management”. Feel free to raise questions, submit suggestions or share new ideas with the community.

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    Money management in Forex trading is one of the most important problems of new and even advanced forex traders. Almost everybody can find a good trading system that can be profitable but something that causes traders to lose and be negative at the end of the month, is lack of a proper money management strategy and discipline. Although money management is so important and critical, it is still very easy to follow.

    We have a very simple rule that says “Never risk more than 2% of your money.” Most traders think that this rule should only be applied after having a live trading account and while they trade, but this is not true. This rule should be considered even when you want to open your live account. Lets say you have already practiced and demo traded enough and you feel confident enough to open your live account. And lets say you have a $20,000 saving. Would you open a $20,000 live account? Well, you can do that but what if you lose this money for any reason? For example your broker becomes bankrupt and closes the company and never pays your money back. Or you take a 20 lots position by mistake and you forget to set the stop loss. It goes against you for 100 pips and wipes out your account. You will not be able to start over, at least for a long time that you save some money. And this initial failure may have a bad impact on you and you may not think about forex trading anymore and you will lose the opportunity for good.