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Sequence of Moving Averages (Swing Trading Strategy)

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  • Sequence of Moving Averages (Swing Trading Strategy)

    This topic aims to provide additional feedback relative to our article “Sequence of Moving Averages (Swing Trading Strategy)”. Feel free to raise questions, submit suggestions or share new ideas with the community.

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    It would be quite unlikely that you make any profit from this strategy.
    I had never seen the article, but last year I implemented a mostly automated system using an EA whose main strategy was similar to what you describe. Basically:
    - listen to many forex instruments, to identify ongoing trends - done by a set of 3 MAs;
    - enter (I should say join) the trend, make my profit and leave.
    However it can only be useful IF:
    - you improve the entry criteria with a quite a number of tricks;
    - you trend certain pairs only;
    - you certainly don't apply the exit criteria mentioned on the article - or expect to lose a lot!
    Best regards.