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CopyCat auto trading option, anyone used it before?

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  • CopyCat auto trading option, anyone used it before?

    CMTrading broker conditions are quite similar to other ECN Brokers, but with some advantages. One of the most attractive feature is its social trading platform CM CopyCat, that helps me copying trade from professional traders and make easy profits. And withdrawing money was also easy with this broker. In general my opinion is positive. Best of luck with your trading!..

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    I've started trading with Cmtrading not long ago and have been trading on live with them only 3 months. Everything is OK. I took part in their demo contest and tested my strategy. Now I'm trading on live and have already withdrew my first profit. My deposit was 1300 usd due and it continues increasing. So, I am never going to leave them.


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      If doing copy was really the way forward then no one would have made effort to do trading themselves, but I don’t think doing copy as the way to go, if we wish to be successful then we need to go about doing things on our self instead of wasting time on copy. I don’t waste time on copy instead I focus on manual trading and it’s ever easy with broker like OctaFX since they have lovely conditions that helps me buildup nicely and that’s with small spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 plus the lovely bonus that’s up to 50% and is trade able too, so that’s why I love doing things manually and it brings great rewards too.