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Education center, every broker should have one

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  • Education center, every broker should have one

    What most new and intermediate traders need to understand is that the concept of making money in trading is the same regardless of account size. This is a business of a bank and just like in any business, there will be profits and there will be losses. The most important thing is to make more than you lose.
    None of my previous brokers has offer me education to support my aspiration to become a successful trader but CMTrading does. So I am definitely trading staying with them

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    ​It’s absolutely great to have such setup, but to me, it’s more important that broker have their own setup instead of just copying others which is common now days. It’s very different with my current broker FreshForex, as they have ideal Educational Corner - [url][/url] , it’s unique yet covers everything and is step by step guidance, so just perfect!


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      I am very happy with the CM Trading performance. The last 3 months I have seen improvement on most aspects - MT4 performance and no slippage. They also added CFDs, oil, gold and silver, plus another 29 currency pairs. Great customer support of course.


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        There is absolutely no question about the importance of education and if a broker makes people understand this then it will have biggest impact, so it’s definitely important for any broker to have this because newbies often that influence to what they see broker offering and that’s why if a good broker list up educational setup, it will bring everyone’s interest to it. I am glad that my broker OctaFX is just like that, as they have excellent educational setup, it’s very simple and straight forward yet is seriously useful, so that’s why I like it so much and strongly believe that if we want to be successful then we got to learn from it and improvement is something which will come automatically.